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English Language Refinement and Editing in Family Scholarship

As the editor of the Journal of Family Nursing, I have frequently offered authors, for whom is English is a second language, developmental editing which focuses on conceptual strengthening as well as English language refinement. It is a labor of love that is very time-consuming!  I have experimented with engaging the help of several professional English language refinement services but did not find them particularly helpful for the content of Nursing, and particularly not for Family Nursing/Family Health. I recently asked my colleagues who belong to the International Academy of Nursing Editors for their recommendations.

I learned there are several nurses with doctoral degrees who offer English language refinement services in the USA and UK. Here are some recommended resources. I hope this list might be helpful to you as you prepare to publish your family scholarship in English language journals.

RESOURCES: English Language Refinement and Editing


This list* has been developed by Janice M. Bell, RN, PhD, Editor, Journal of Family Nursing from recommendations received from other Nursing journal editors.

Tara Foss (Nursing Editor); Email: [email protected]

  • C. Estelle Beaumont, RN, PhD

Email: [email protected]; Address: 22 N. Pistakee Lake Rd., Unit 2A. Fox Lake, IL, USA 60020

Comment from Dr. Estelle Beaumont: I have worked with many authors for whom English is a second language both as Copy Editor for the Journal of Nursing Scholarship and as a freelance editor for students in various doctoral programs at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Leslie H. Nicoll, PhD, MBA, RN; Email: [email protected]; Mailing address: 10A Beach Street, Suite 2, Portland, ME, USA, 04101; Phone: 207-553-7750; Fax: 207-553-7751


*If you decide to use one of these resources, please share an evaluation of your experience with me (email: [email protected]) so that I continue to recommend great resources to prospective authors of the Journal of Family Nursing.  Thank you!