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Family Nursing and YouTube: Creating a Public Conversation

Family Nursing and YouTube: Creating a Public Conversation

YouTubeFamily nursing has been gathering momentum for several decades thanks to the efforts of my dedicated family nursing colleagues who have a vision for “family care as usual care”.  FAMILIES MATTER TO NURSES!  Our tribe has written about what family nursing is and what a family nurse does to invite family health and healing. These ideas have been published in many journals and books and in many languages.  We have shared our ideas for family nursing practice, education, and research and created a community of scholars through our International Family Nursing Conferences and the Journal of Family Nursing.  In 2009, we launched the International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) as a further attempt to unite and grow this global family nursing community.

Social media channels have increased the possibility of sharing the message that FAMILIES MATTER TO NURSES.  A conversation about family nursing that– first began through published family nursing textbooks in the late 1970’s, extended itself in 1988 through the First International Family Nursing Conference in Calgary, found a scholarly home in the Journal of Family Nursing in 1995, and grew into the creation of an International Family Nursing Association in 2009– has now gone public and viral through YouTube.

The person responsible for taking our family nursing conversation to the public domain through YouTube is Dr. Sharon Denham. Dr. Denham is Professor Emerita, Ohio University School of Nursing, USA, and served as President Elect of IFNA (2010-2013) and co-chair of the IFNA Communications Committee (2010-2012). She currently serves as a member of the IFNA Education Committee. For more information about Dr. Denham’s work, visit her websites:<>, http://diabetesappalachia.net Sharon has just accepted a new position as Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence at Texas Women’s University in Dallas, Texas, USA which begins January 2014.

In late April 2013, Sharon asked me to identify colleagues who were using innovative pedagogy in teaching family nursing. She was working with the IFNA Education Committee who wished to increase resources for IFNA members related to family nursing education.  I offered her a list of  family nursing colleagues from around the world. Sharon then developed an ambitious plan to invite these colleagues and others to a filming session during the 11th International Family Nursing Conference in Minneapolis in June 2013.  The result of this pioneering, unfunded, and labor-intensive initiative was the development of 15 videos of family nurses (IFNA members from 5 countries) talking about their ideas for family nursing education, practice, and research.  These videos are now available on YouTube:  10/15 videos focus on family nursing education;  4/15 videos focus on family nursing research; 1/15 videos focuses on family nursing practice.   Here is the complete list of IFNA videos produced by Sharon and posted on YouTube.  This list is archived on the IFNA website:

Family Nursing Education: Janet A. Deatrick, USA

Family Nursing Education: Cristina Garcia-Vivar, Spain

Family Nursing Education: Lorraine Holtslander, Canada

Family Nursing Education: Maureen Leahey, Canada

Family Nursing Education: Margherite Matteis, USA

Family Nursing Education: Barbara Preusse-Bleuler, Switzerland

Family Nursing Education: Carole Robinson, Canada

Family Nursing Education: Wilma Schroeder, Canada – Part 1

Family Nursing Education: Wilma Schroeder, Canada – Part 2

Family Nursing Education: Barbara Voltenen, Denmark 

Family Nursing Practice: Linda Lindeke, USA

Family Nursing Research: Cristina Garcia-Vivar, Spain

Family Nursing Research: Sonja Meiers, USA – Part 1

Family Nursing Research and Education: Sonja Meiers, USA – Part 2

Family Nursing Research and Policy: Suzanne Feetham, USA

Thank you, Sharon, for helping our family nursing conversation about family health and healing go public through your exciting YouTube video productions developed for IFNA.  You  honor decades of family nursing momentum through your generous gifts of time, energy, and vision to this video project.  Family nursing now has a public identity and a clear message: FAMILIES MATTER TO NURSES!