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Family Nursing in Canada is Flourishing

Family Nursing in Canada is Flourishing


As we approach the exciting 12th International Family Nursing Conference in Denmark (IFNC12), I’d like to highlight some of the important contributions of my Canadian family nursing colleagues to the growth of family nursing.  FAMILY NURSING IN CANADA is not only alive and well–it is flourishing! Here are some highlights which feature the contributions of  Canadians to the mission of the International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) which is to transform health for families worldwide.


Canada has proudly hosted 3 previous International Family Nursing Conferences:  IFNC1 in Calgary, Alberta in 1988; IFNC3 in Montreal, Quebec in 1994; and IFNC5 in Victoria, British Columbia in 2005:


Dr. Carole Robinson, a Canadian, will assume the office of President of IFNA (2015-2017) at IFNC12.
Dr. Karen LeGrow has chaired the IFNA Nominating Committee and was recently re-elected to serve another term on the IFNA Nominating Committee.
Dr. France Dupuis currently serves on the IFNA Board of Directors and also serves as the co-chair of the IFNA Practice Committee.
Dr. Laurie Gottlieb was recently elected to the IFNA Board of Directors and previously served as the Chair of the IFNA Nominating Committee.
Wilma Schroeder and I currently serve as co-chairs of the IFNA Communications Committee.
Dr. Lorraine Holtslander is the co-chair of the IFNA Education Committee.


Pre-Conference Workshops, Expert Lectures, and Special Sessions will be presented by: Janice M. Bell, Fabie Duhamel, France Dupuis, Suzanne Goopy, Laurie Gottlieb, Karen LeGrow, Nancy Moules, Lorraine Venturato, and Lorraine Wright.
As I look through the current IFNC12 Conference Brochure, posters and podium sessions will be offered by: Jill Bally, Janice M. Bell, Karen Cook, Francine de Montigny, Fabie Duhamel, France Dupuis, Andrew Estafan, Heather Hart, Lorraine Holtslander, Maureen Leahey, Karen LeGrow, Carole Robinson, Wilma Schroeder, Nicole Smith, Christina West, and Lorraine Wright.


IFNA has recently published two important IFNA Position Statements that Canadian family nurses have helped to develop:


Family nursing textbooks have been published by:

Duhamel, F. (Ed.). (2015). La santé et la famille: Une approche systémique en soins infirmiers [Families and health: A systemic approach in nursing care] (3rd ed.) Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Gaëtan Morin editeur, Chenelière Éducation. [In French] (previous editions: 1997, 2007)

Gottlieb, L. N. (2013). Strengths-based nursing care: Health and healing for persons and family. New York, NY: Springer. [Portugese translation under development]

Wright, L.M.  (2005).  Spirituality, suffering, and illness:  Ideas for healing. Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis.

Wright, L.M., & Bell, J.M. (2009). Beliefs and illness: A model for healing.  Calgary, Alberta, Canada: 4th Floor Press.  Kindle version available from

Wright, L.M., & Leahey, M. (2013).  Nurses and families: A guide to family assessment and intervention (6th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis. (previous editions: 1st ed. 1984; 2nd ed. 1994; 3rd ed. 2000; 4th ed., 2005, 5th ed., 2009)

Wright, L.M., Watson, W.L., & Bell, J.M. (1996). Beliefs: The heart of healing in families and illness. New York, NY: Basic Books.


I am immensely proud of the leadership in family nursing practice scholarship that Canadians have historically provided to our international family nursing community by many, including the work led by faculty and graduate students of the Family Nursing Unit, University of Calgary and the Center of Excellence in Family Nursing, University of Montreal. I am enthusiastically cheering a new generation of Canadian family nursing scholars who are continuing to advance the science of family nursing through their research, education, and practice.