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Family Systems Nursing Knowledge Translation: Dr. Peggy Simpson

Dr. Peggy Simpson
Dr. Peggy Simpson

Peggy Simpson, RN, PhD, distinguished herself early in her advanced practice career by offering assessment, intervention, and evaluation that targeted knowledge translation (KT) of Family Systems Nursing and larger systems change. She conducted research about a unique KT knowledge to action process she implemented in Family Systems Nursing with practicing nurses in acute care and inpatient mental health settings at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary, Alberta, Castle Peak Hospital in Hong Kong, and, most recently, at Providence Health Care in Vancouver, British Columbia. Peggy received a BN degree and a MN degree in Family Systems Nursing from the University of Calgary and a PhD degree in Family Therapy from the University of Hong Kong. She has held academic appointments at Mount Royal College, University of Hong Kong, and University of British Columbia and is a Research Scientist at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine, Center for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences. She co-developed a measurement tool that examines nurses’ perceptions of their family nursing practice. The Family Nursing Practice Scale has been used in research projects around the world and psychometric development is ongoing.

Peggy’s leadership in mentoring, coaching, and evaluating the process and outcome of KT in Family Systems Nursing has recently attracted the attention of local and provincial health care administrators. The British Columbia Ministry of Health recently conducted a survey of patient satisfaction and Peggy’s KT pilot unit at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver received the highest patient satisfaction scores of all inpatient mental health units in the province of British Columbia. Members of Peggy’s KT pilot Inpatient Psychiatry Unit Team received a People First award from the Vancouver Coastal and Providence Health Care Health Regions for their leadership and excellence in person and family centered care. Providence Health Care has now made patient and family centered care one of their strategic foci for the next 5 years and has urged Peggy to continue to lead KT research initiatives in Family Systems Nursing.

On April 18, 2013, Peggy received an Excellence in Nursing Research Award from the College of British Columbia Registered Nurses for her outstanding work in knowledge translation research in Family Systems Nursing.


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