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Using Images to Communicate the Core Message of Family Nursing

Screenshot of my Pinterest Board called "Family Health and Healing"
Screenshot of my Pinterest Board called “Family Health & Healing”

 “A picture is worth a thousand words”~ Fred R. Barnard

I’ve recently become interested Pinterest, a social media tool (currently ranked #4 in social media channels used in the USA) in which the user “pins” images to communicate a message.  I have begun to curate a collection of my favorite images related to family health and healing and family nursing as a way to communicate the mission of my work which is to transform practice with families. Please take a look at my major Pinterest board which is titled, “Family Health & Healing“.  Repin, add your comments to the images, and/or spread the images and ideas that are embedded in these photos.

I’ve added a Pinterest board titled, “Families: Loving & Learning” which includes book and video resources for strengthening families/marriage/parenting, etc. I’ve also created a board called, “Illness Narratives” which includes books and movies about illness, illness suffering, courage, and resilience.

In 2012, Sharon Denham invited me to identify 30 Foundational Family Nursing Leaders so I created a Pinterest board, “Foundational Family Nursing Leaders Who Inspire” which identifies these family nursing colleagues from around the world and their country’s flag.

In a recent conversation with the International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) Communications Committee which I have co-chaired since 2010, we talked about the importance of IFNA having a social media presence and so I added an “International Family Nursing Association” Pinterest board to my collection of boards. In order to call attention to the visibility of Nursing, I developed a Pinterest Board featuring “Nurses/Nursing“. My mother graduated from a diploma program in Nursing in 1949 and I have a photo of her in this collection of images. Can you find this very special photo on my board?

My colleague, Lorraine Wright, and I have co-developed an advanced practice model for family nursing called the Illness Beliefs Model. See my Pinterest board, “Illness Beliefs Model“.  A Special Issue about the Illness Beliefs Model in the Journal of Family Nursing will be published in May, 2015.  Our most recent publications that describe this practice model include:

  • Bell, J. M., & Wright, L. M. (2011).  The Illness Beliefs Model: Creating practice knowledgefor families experiencing illness suffering.  In E.K. Svarvarsdottir & H. Jonsdottir (Eds.), Family nursing in action (pp. 15-51). Reykjavik, Iceland: University of Iceland Press.
  • Wright, L. M. (2015). Brain science and illness beliefs: An unexpected explanation of the healing power of therapeutic conversations and the family interventions that matter. Advance online publication. Journal of Family Nursingdoi:10.1177/1074840715575822

Please share these carefully curated resources that have, at their core, a desire to transform practice with families.

P. S. I’ve also included Pinterest boards which feature my personal interests and give you a peek at places, experiences, memories, art, people, books, quotes, fashion, etc. that I excite and nourish me.

This blog post was updated on March 15, 2015.