“Knowledge creation and knowledge transfer to improve caring practices with families are both central to my mission.”

My mission and passion is to cheer-lead and connect scholars and practitioners to a global community of dynamic inter-professional health care leaders and visionaries who are committed to transforming family health and healing.

Dr. Lorraine Wright invited me to collaborate with her in the Family Nursing Unit, University of Calgary, a research and clinical practice unit where graduate students and faculty were immersed in advancing knowledge, using a family systems systemic perspective, about how to be helpful to families experiencing serious illness. We invited the world to the first International Family Nursing Conference in Calgary in 1988.

SAGE Publishing invited me to become the Founding Editor of the Journal of Family Nursing. Recruiting high quality manuscripts for this peer-reviewed quarterly journal offers me a chance to keep my fingers to the pulse about important developments happening around the world in family nursing research, practice, and education.

I’m a member of the Advisory Council of the Glen Taylor Nursing Institute for Family and Society where a generous endowment to Minnesota State University, Mankato by Glen and Becky Taylor is advancing family and society health and healing.

Together with a small group of colleagues, I led the development of the International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) which now includes over 450 members from 30 countries.

I served as a member of the IFNA Practice Committee which developed the unprecedented IFNA Position Statement on Generalist Competencies for Family Nursing Practice and the IFNA Position Statement on Advanced Practice Competencies for Family Nursing. 

Since the beginning of IFNA, I have served on the IFNA Communications Committee, volunteering my skills and knowledge to harness the power of social media to advance the organization’s mission of “nurses transforming health for families worldwide” #familynursing #familyhealth #familyhealing.


Journal of Family Nursing

Dr. Janice M. Bell is the Founding Editor of the Journal of Family Nursing (SAGE PUBLICATIONS). JFN is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal of nursing research, practice, education, and policy issues, as well as empirical and theoretical analyses on the subject of family health. Its interdisciplinary, international, and collaborative perspectives examine cultural diversity and families across the life cycle.

International Family Nursing Association

The mission of the International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) is to transform family health by:

  • Serving as a unifying force and voice for family nursing globally;
  • Sharing knowledge, practices, and skills to enhance and nurture family nursing practice; and,
  • Providing family nursing leadership through education, research, scholarship, socialization and collegial exchange on all aspects of family nursing.

Dr. Janice M. Bell served on the four-member Coordinating Committee that helped to establish the International Family Nursing Association in 2009. She is also an active member of IFNA’s Communications Committee and Practice Committee.

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Glen Taylor Nursing Institute for Family & Society

The mission of The Glen Taylor Nursing Institute is to focus on innovative nursing practice knowledge that influences the health and healing of families and society, and to provide leadership and expertise in family and society health related issues at the local, state, national and international levels.

Dr. Janice M. Bell  is an active member of the Advisory Council of the Glen Taylor Nursing Institute for Family and Society.

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“I am calling on all my family nursing and family health colleagues around the world to consider the power of social media to share the incredible work you are doing to advance family nursing and advocate for family-focused health care.”


– Janice M. Bell, RN, PhD