Illness is a family affair.

(Wright & Bell, 2009)

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A Model for Healing

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Family Health and Healing.

I want to shift the emphasis of health care from the individual to the family, from tasks and technology to relationships.

“I’m devoted to bold, inspired efforts that transform health care practice with families experiencing illness.”


– Janice M. Bell, RN, PhD

Upcoming Workshops & Speaking Engagements

June, 28-July 2, 2021: 15th International Family Nursing Conference (virtual conference)

In June 2021, I offered a virtual Expert Lecture with Dr. Lorraine Wright at the 15th International Family Nursing Conference. The title of our lecture was: COVID-19: An Urgent Call for Nurses to Understand, Practice, and Embrace Family Systems Nursing

COVID-19 has disrupted many aspects of family health, especially togetherness and support during illness experiences and end of life. The global pandemic compels family nursing scholars and practitioners to acknowledge the systemic interaction between multiple systems that impact family functioning including, racism and health care disparities. In our Expert Lecture, we called for knowledge and practice of skilled Family Systems Nursing interventions that address illness suffering, illness beliefs, and resiliency and conceptualize and address healing at multiple system levels (family; nurse-family; family/nurse/community). Specific ideas of how to practice Family Systems Nursing were illustrated through an illness narrative of one family.

Family Nursing Externship July 5-8, 2022

Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Winterthur, Switzerland

Generalist and Advanced Practice Models for Softening Suffering and Promoting Healing with Families in Healthcare

This 4 day workshop provides the extraordinary possibility to have Drs. Wright and Bell offer this unique learning experience at your university or health care setting.  The presenters will offer their specific knowledge, research and clinical skills that will enhance and enrich your important work of caring for families through direct clinical practice, education, and/or research. Opportunities to participate in a live therapeutic conversation with a local family are one of the highlights of the Externship Workshop.


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“Knowledge creation and knowledge transfer to improve caring practices with families are both central to my mission”


– Janice M. Bell, RN, PhD