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Making Ideas “Stick”: The 15-Minute Family Interview

I've been thinking a lot about the struggle we have to make ideas "stick".  In my work of creating and disseminating family nursing knowledge, I invite nurses to change their beliefs and behavior about families and "get" the benefits that exist for families and nurses when families are included in health care. A recent book…

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Family Nursing: A Global Snapshot

I was in a meeting today and a colleague remarked that she wanted to know more about what was happening in family nursing in other countries (outside of the USA). I thought it might be useful to provide a brief snapshot of the published documents that highlight major family nursing developments within countries around the…

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Top 12 Movies about Families and Illness Suffering

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I've found movies to be powerful learning experiences for my students and myself. Movies highlight family stories about the experience of illness, draw the viewer into the poignancy and loneliness of illness suffering, and often model how family members and…