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Family Nursing: I ♥ SOCIAL MEDIA

Family Nursing: I ♥ SOCIAL MEDIA




I’m calling on all my family nursing colleagues around the world  to harness the power of social media in order to spread the word about the incredible work YOU are doing to ADVANCE family nursing and advocate for family-focused health care. It is now possible to share your ideas and your products with like-minded health care providers both inside and outside of the International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) through a variety of social media channels. I’ve served as Editor of the Journal of Family Nursing since 1995, co-chair of the IFNA Communications Committee since 2010, and have maintained my own website since 2007 so I’ve had a lot of time to think about how to disseminate and share information about family nursing. The time has never been better than NOW for generous sharing and connection!

Here are just a few examples of the possibilities available to you :

  1. If you are IFNA member, have your news posted to the IFNA website through the Practice, Education, and Research Resources and News pages:


    (Contact co-chair of IFNA Practice, Research and/or Education Committees and ask to have your information posted)

  2. Post an announcement or a question to family nursing colleagues using the IFNA listserv[email protected].


There is also a “Family Nursing Network” section in each quarterly issue of the Journal of Family Nursing where announcements can be posted: (Contact me and ask to have your information posted)

Here are some of the social media channels I am personally using to advocate for family nursing:

1. My own JaniceMBell website:

3. Dr. Janice M. Bell Twitter site:

4. My Pinterest boards:

Family Health and Healing:

International Family Nursing Association:

Families: Loving and Learning:

Illness Beliefs Model:

Illness Narratives:

Foundational Family Nursing Leaders Who Inspire: 

Nurses and Nursing:

Writing to Change the World:

5. Family Systems Nursing Bibliography which I maintain:

6. Scholarship of Practice with Families Bibliography which is archived on DSpace at the University of Calgary Library, “Family Nursing Unit Collection” This is a collection of known publications written by faculty  (Dr. Lorraine Wright, Dr. Janice Bell, Dr. Wendy Watson Nelson, Dr. Nancy Moules) and former graduate students associated with the Family Nursing Unit (1982-2007).  The legacy of this family-focused clinical scholarship in Family Systems Nursing continues to grow.

7. Family Nursing Education Bibliography which I maintain:

8. Knowledge Translation in Family Nursing Bibliography which I maintain:

9. Janice M. Bell LinkedIn:

Families matter to nurses! Nurses matter to families! You don’t have to wait for a peer-reviewed journal to choose your manuscript or a publisher to print your book in order to get your message about the importance of family nursing heard in the world (see Contagious for how ideas are spread). There has never been a better time than now for you to share your family nursing work, your publications, your ideas, your products. I hope these ideas and possibilities that social media offers will be helpful, encouraging, and energizing. Most importantly, I hope your ideas will transform the care that families receive.   As Seth Godin frequently admonishes, CHOOSE YOURSELF!